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An exclusive, global community of supportive business owners; focused on growth, referrals and friendship

100 Club Members have exclusive access to our global network of 20,000+ Trusted Connections via their own personal concierge. Your concierge will scour the network, on your behalf, to fetch and deliver you warm referrals.

Our community provides business owners with support and diverse thought, to help them grow and thrive. Our members are progressive and value learning from others. We love meaningful connection and above all, we understand the value of quality referrals.

To experience the joy of collaboration, friendship, and growth, apply for membership now!

Membership Benefits

The My Most Trusted 100 Club is the “business class” version of the My Most Trusted international business network.

We know how important it is to gain Referrals and build your Reputation.

As an exclusive member, Gemma and her team are the only people with exclusive access to the extensive My Most Trusted network of 20,000+ business owners around the world.

With this powerful community at your disposal, your concierge will build you a strong reputation and get the referrals you need to succeed.

  • Gemma will scour our 20,000+ MyMostTrusted network and hunt for quality referrals.
  • She will use our carefully crafted reputation-building messages to grow your LinkedIn profile with quality people.
  • She will find you personal, hand-picked referrals from our 20,000-strong community.
  • She will get you 3 to 8 warm referrals per month from our trusted network, guaranteed.
  • She will reach out to, and begin nurturing at least 80 new prospects per month, guaranteed.
  • AND she will introduce you to other high-profile Club members.

Scott Cundill literally wrote the book “The Captivating One-liner” and your membership kicks off with a personal 90-minute consultation with him.

Your one-liner will be used to produce a stunning credibility piece that nails down your target market and gets you in the door.

  • A 90-minute “Captivating One-Liner” Workshop.
  • Includes an article and a designed “Club Card” which is used to position your business in the broader community.

See a few “Club Card” examples below:

Leon Lategan is one of the world’s top landing page conversion specialists..

  • He will nail down your “get in the door” offers.
  • He and his team will build you up to 6 landing pages.
  • Your concierge will use these landing pages to help you convert more prospects into actual sales.

We are creating special, optional spaces where groups of 100 Club Members come together for a specific purpose. 

A Pod is a WhatsApp group and will be led by a 100 Club Member, who is an expert in that field.

Must have a specific purpose: (eg. “A free boost of a LinkedIn post to double your LinkedIn reach!” or “Get a Google business page going for your business in 1 week!” Or “In 14 days, let’s implement an AI assistant to check out emails for you!”)

Either you learn something specific, or implement something specific. It’s not a general chitchat.

Must have a start and end date. (ie. they are not open-ended WhatsApp groups that last forever where people can come and go. A Pod comes together, you all learn something or implement something specific, then you leave.) The expert can always run that Pod again later.

There must be a clear and transparent Special Offer for anyone wishing to
work with you (the expert) after the Pod is complete. So the Pod itself is
free, but those who want more can accept the offer to have more.

If you wish, you may open the Pod to the outside community.
We can invite people from the broader MMT community to join the Pod.

Every Pod will be carefully strategized before launch.

A 100 Club Member can join all the Pods or none of them, it’s up to the Club Member.

Imagine… all the other MMT 100 Club members driving bums-on-seats to your event!

We will help you set up your event (like a Webinar, Online Seminar, Online Product Demo etc.) on LinkedIn and then the community will come together to promote it.

What do families do? We help each other succeed.

Led by Shirree Leone, you will have live WhatsApp access to the 100 Club Team. We bring you referrals, we make introductions, we build your credibility and nail down your offer with beautiful landing pages. We enhance your credibility and position you as a thought leader to the right target audience.

It’s a big job, but you’re worth it.


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Here’s feedback from entrepreneurs who have worked with Leon & Scott...

Rick McPartlin


Joanne Brooks


Kel Holliday


Greg Smith


I can’t recommend Leon and his marketing approach enough – it’s no BS, easy to understand, easy to apply, plus there are a lot of laughs along the way. If you choose to work with Leon and apply his knowledge, you WILL grow your business!

Joanne McGinn


Scott is an innovator with a unique ability to see and implement alternative solutions. His unconventional approach produces often astonishing results that add huge amounts of value. I have no hesitation in recommending Scott and his Majestic Interactive service to any small business looking to ramp up sales and move to the next level.

Ian Bentley


Scott epitomises the new connected entrepreneur who has value to offer AND brings deeper purpose in their offering. Its a privilege to partner with him!

Simon Bold


Are you looking for a No-BS marketing EXPERT to teach you business-changing skills, who genuinely wants to help YOU SUCCEED? LEON IS YOUR GUY!

Marci LaBelle


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